Construction Law

How can Triad Law Group help you with your construction law questions?

  • Gather information on your construction legal issue/dispute
  • Identify any low-cost, quick solutions to resolve your construction legal issue affordably
  • Assess legal strategies and options after low-cost, quick options are exhausted
  • Pursue legal action: analyzing legal standing, gathering evidence, utilizing experts, coordinating legal filings and court preparation
  • Leading litigation effort and presenting your case at trial
  • Pursuing arbitration and possible settlement options


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    For Home/Property Owners

    • Victim of bad construction work on your home or property?
    • Want money returned and/or the project redone?
    • Had work performed that wasn’t up to legal standards? Triad can help you pursue damages and fees

    For General Contractors

    • Not paid for work performed? 
    • In a conflict with a property owner and getting no resolution?
    • Liens or claims against your contractor bond/license/wages?

    For Sub-Contractors

    • In a dispute over work you performed for a general contractor or property owner?
    • Not paid for work performed? 
    • Hurt on the job?

    Property owners and construction contractors can use Triad to get quick & affordable construction legal help

    Triad's construction legal services include:

    Construction Defect & Poor Work Product

    Construction work not up to code, poor quality construction work, disputes over construction work that needs to be done

    Construction Contracts

    Preparation, negotiation, disputed contract claims

    Construction Accidents/Safety

    Pursuing financial damages, safety code negligence, insurance

    Construction Dispute Resolution

    Assessing construction dispute claims and defects, proposing affordable legal solutions

    Licensing, Bond, Liens, Insurance Issues

    All construction-related insurance claims, defense/execution of liens, construction-related licensing claims

    Construction Case Litigation

    Construction law mediation, court procedure/filing, analysis and preparation

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