Landlord-Tenant Law

Landlord-tenant legal experts in Washington State

Why Triad?

Triad Law Group:

  • has legal experts that specialize in the eviction process
  • successfully completes 30+ tenant evictions quarterly
  • combined 30+ years of litigation experience
  • will help you save money by using experts to get your eviction done right the first time!

Overview of tenant eviction process:

1. Notice and Declaration of Service
TRIAD'S SERVICES: drafting and confirmation of correctness
2. Summons and Complaint
TRIAD'S SERVICES: prepare and service complaint
3. Prepare and Attend Hearing
TRIAD'S SERVICES: guide you through trial hearing process
4. Initiate Collections Process
TRIAD'S SERVICES: guide costumers through process of collecting back rent

For Landlords:

Eviction Legal Assistance

Triad Law Group is well-versed in all aspects of Washington state Landlord-Tenant law. The most common problem landlords face is a tenant who is not paying rent, there are many other types of disputes that can arise. Triad's legal experts can represent you through every step of the process for any dispute with your problematic tenant, from making an initial demand to unlawful detainer (eviction) litigation, all the way to collecting a monetary judgement. Triad can help you take back your property and get you the money you are owed. Triad legal experts will make the process as quick and affordable for you as possible.We can take you through the entire process:

  • Posting appropriate eviction notices
  • Filing an unlawful detainer (eviction) complaint with the court
  • Attending a court hearing
  • Recouping financial damages, attorney’s fees
  • Obtaining a court order of eviction
  • Coordinating local law enforcement to execute eviction and remove tenants from property

Triad Law Group will work to get you a monetary judgment for the money you have lost, and can help you collect that judgment

For Tenants:

Dealing with Challenging Property Owners

If you are a tentant who is facing an eviction that you believe to be wrongful, our firm can help. If you have been served with a Summons and Complaint for Unlawful Detainer (Eviction) and are prepared to fight to stay in your rental property, we can represent you in the “Show Cause” hearing where you argue your case. We can also negotiate with your landlord and attempt to work out a resolution that will allow you to stay in your rental property. With our experience in Washington State Landlord-Tenant law, we will do all we can to try and keep you in your home and keep an eviction off your record.

Our skilled lawyers will represent you through the entire legal process:

  • Responding to notices of eviction and other property manager correspondence
  • Filing and executing insurance claims related to landlord/tenant disputes
  • Appearing at trial and preparing litigation materials