Loan Modification

Use Legal Experts to Negotiate with Banks and to Navigate The Path to Loan Modification With Triad’s 20+ Years of Experience

These days, there are many people who-despite their best efforts-simply can’t keep up with their mortgage. At Triad Law Group, we’ve got a solution for homeowners across Washington: loan modifications. Our loan modification services are designed to help you pay your mortgage every month in an affordable manner.

Triad Law Group’s loan modification services can include:

  • Manage negotiation process with all major banks
  • Advise and coordinate your loan modification package submission
  • Perform a legal analysis of your mortgage history
  • File a lawsuit for improper bank actions  related to home loans

At Triad Law Group, we believe that loan modifications are essential for people who want to maintain ownership of their properties, improve their lifestyle, and responsibly pay back their mortgages.

A loan modification is a formal process for homeowners experiencing financial hardship to apply for reduced loan terms that better fit their financial needs. Depending on your individual situation, a range of loan modification strategies and government programs (e.g. Foreclosure Fairness Program, Home Affordable Modification Program) are at your disposal in negotiating your loan terms with your lender. Our firm has successfully executed over 100+ loan modifications and short sales, and we look forward to working with you.

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Loan Modifications & the Foreclosure Fairness Program:

For the last two-three years the Washington Foreclosure Fairness Act has been in place.

This process has been successful. It has arguably kept thousands of borrowers in their homes.

If you are interested, we can help. We have engaged in hundreds of mediations. We believe that this can be the way to go for borrowers that want to retain their home.

Independent third party mediations are an immense help to borrowers.

The potential benefits of loan modification mediation include:

  • Affordable loan payments
  • Reduction of interest
  • Principal reductions
  • Movement of principal owing to the “end of loan”

Foreclosure fairness mediation can be a terrific resolution for those that qualify.